Session 1 (1 hour)

Watch the basic tutorials to learn how to adjust the robot joint position, create poses, and use multiple poses to create robot motion patterns. The tutorials take about 10 mins.

Then have the students try to create these simple motions in time:

1. Swinging Arms
(while staying balanced)

This basic movement is covered in the video tutorial. It’s designed to have the students learn about how to adjust the joint angle positions and create a basic motion pattern.

Hint: To reset after a fall, use the gravity well to pickup the robot, reset the joints, and place the robot back down on the floor.

(5 mins)


2. Fall Forward

Adjust the arms to move the weight of the robot forward. You may have to move more than the arms to get Xemo to fall. Play with the balance of the robot by swinging the arms by adjusting the joint positions for the shoulders on the X axis.

Hint: Shift-Click to select multiple joints and then move them at the same time.

(5-10 mins)


3. Pushups

Once the robot is in the prone position (chest down, back up), the student can create a push-up motion.

Hint: Use the loop icon to repeat the pattern continuously.

(5-10 mins)


4. Headstand

Start with the robot on the floor lying in the prone position. Create a motion where the robot will remain balanced in a headstand.

Hint: Watch the robot’s center of gravity marker on the floor to see if the robot is balanced.

(15-20 mins)


Session 2 (1 hour)

5. Crouching

From a standing position, create motion where the robot crouches down and then stands up again. Use the loop option to repeat the pattern.

Hint: Use the gravity well to suspend the robot while trying to create this motion. It can be done on the ground, but is much harder. Use the rotation tool on the gravity well to rotate the upright position of the robot.

(15-30 mins)


6. Create a New Motion Behavior.

Have your students try to create a new behavior. Some suggestions are: