Computer Requirements


Operating Systems

Xemo runs on both Mac and Windows computers.

We are working on a Chromebook version using the Android SDK. That should be available in 2017.


Your computer should have at least an Intel processor running at 2.0 GHz or higher, 4GB of memory, and 400 MB of hard disk space available. A graphics processor (found on most computers less than 4 year old) is necessary.

Installing Xemo

The Xemo game is available as a signed installable executable XemoSetup.exe for Windows and as an app bundle for Mac OSX. Both of these are available from our download page.

Network Firewall

Firewall Settings

The game, when running, connects to our game server to track game play statistics and to allow players to save their work. The game does not send any personal information to the server other than the player's username (which should not be an personally identifying name). Please make sure that your firewall is open for outbound TCP traffic to port 443.

Testing the Firewall

To check if your firewall is open, try this in your browser:

If you get back a page with { ok : 1 }, then your firewall is fine. If, instead, you get an error that the server can't be found, then you may have a firewall block.