Robot Body

The Xemo robot is a biped in simplified humanoid form. It has a total of 13 joints (called actuators), with 24 total degrees of freedom (DOF).


Joint DOF No. of Joints
Neck 2 1
Shoulder 3 2
Elbow 1 2
Waist 1 1
Pelvis 1 1
Hip 3 2
Knee 1 2
Ankle 2 2

The joints are controlled through the rigid-body physics simulation engine (we use NVidia Physx). For each joint the user can specify the target angle, the spring constant and the damping constants. Higher spring constants lead to faster rotation to the target angle. Higher damping constants slow down the rotation by damping the movement, which is used to prevent oscillations and overshoot.

The brain controls the movement of joints in time based and sensory inputs.